The Issues

Nicole Cleaborn, a native Memphian, has been active in the community long before deciding to run for office. As a public school educator and community advocate, she has been instrumental in a variety of neighborhood initiatives with focuses on education and community.

Top Priorities

Education Equity

  • Nicole believes that funding should be placed in public education and will not support vouchers.
  • As an educator, Nicole also plans to work with Shelby County Schools to advocate for more innovative technical and vocational programming.


  • There is a direct link between crime and the lack of jobs that pay a livable wage. Many of the neighborhoods in Super District 8 that are plagued with violence are also riddled with poverty. To help combat the issue of crime, Nicole will advocate for better jobs that pay livable wages.
  • Additionally, statistics show that in 2018 more than 53% of the violent crimes in Memphis and Shelby County were committed by people 24 years and younger. Nicole plans to work with local organizations, churches, and schools to advocate for after-school programming, job training for recent high school graduates, and a push for more Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) training.

Economic Development

  • In order for Memphis to thrive, it’s important to address the economic challenges of disadvantaged communities. While it’s vital to implement initiatives to bring business to the city as a whole, it’s equally as important to consider community-based approaches to economic development.
  • Additionally, Nicole believes in investing in minority-owned businesses, a sector in the city that receives less than 3% of business receipts.


“I’m tired of politics as usual; the same promises, different people. I’m making a conscious effort to be the change I want to see.” -Nicole Cleaborn
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